Desert Tea Party

June 04, 2017

I am beginning to limit the number of Time for Print sessions that I'll take because I want to devote more time to building up my business.  However, when one of your favorite models tells you that only your style will fit the aesthetic for her idea, you have to make the time.  

I photographed Casey for the first time about three years ago.  I put out a model call because I just needed to shoot, and she obliged.  At the time, she was just starting out, and I was trying to become more comfortable directing models.  It was a perfect pairing. 

Casey's idea was a desert tea party.  It was ironic that she asked me to photograph her vision because it's an idea that I've been toying with for over a year.  I just had not executed it yet.  The shoot was at South Mountain Park here in Phoenix on a Sunday afternoon.  The light was beautiful, and Casey looked like she belonged on a fairytale.  Very little editing was done to the images outside of skin smoothing.  I wanted a very feminine and airy quality to the images.