Wonderful Gift

May 15, 2017

Yesterday was Mother's Day, and I had one of the best Mother's Day in my life!  We have adult children so sleeping in is a given for me.  I woke up, and relaxed in bed while watching "Howard the Duck".  It's a campy movie, but a guilty pleasure for me.  Once the movie was over, I got dressed, went into my office, and began editing images from one of the my sessions.  I watched movies all day.  For dinner, I told my husband that I wanted his pulled pork for dinner.  We don't go out to eat for Mother's Day because the restaurants can be SO crowded.  My daughter and her fiancé came over for dinner, and our son came home as well.  We ate, watched television, and Facetimed my mother.  We also called my mother-in-law.  After dinner, I told him family that I wanted a family portrait, and they obliged me.  Normally, they scatter when I start putting up my lights.  This was our first official family portrait with our future son-in-law.  It isn't formal, but I love it.  This will definitely be printed and framed.

The two standing next to me our are children.  My husband is in the yellow polo, and our future son-in-law is in red.

TinaStrickland_MothersDay_FamilyPortrait-1Mother's Day PortraitOur first official family portrait