Afro Vintage

May 05, 2017

In December, I had the honor of working with three very talented women.  Their names are Jenae Elise, Alysia Katrice, and Frances Edison.  Alysia, a local stylist, and I had tried to work together in the past, but our schedules never meshed.  Finally, we were able to make it happen in December.  She knew the perfect model and make-up artist.  We schedule time together for a weekend in December, and shoot for about 2.5 hours.  I always shoot with publication in mind, and this session was destined to be published.  When I first shopped the images, three different magazines were interested.  I had to turn down two of them.  When the issue for the first magazine came out, our images weren't in the mag.  I was shocked.  When I contacted the magazine, they never responded.  I went back to one of the second magazines, and they were very interested.  However, they never sent me the link to send the high resolution images.  Good grief!  Would these images ever get printed.  I wasn't going to allow this to deter me, and the work that we put into these images had to be seen.  

I finally found a magazine, beau NU.  The work in prior issues was amazing, and I wanted our work in this magazine.  I sent the images in, and about a week later received notification that our submission was accepted.  The May issue came out on Wednesday.  Not only were our images printed, but we received an inside cover as well as a seven page spread!  I felt so blessed!  I can see the improvement in my work, and the long hours are paying off.


Photo shoot in Phoenix, AZAfro VintageImages from our Afro Vintage Photo Shoot Photo shoot in Phoenix, AZAfro VintageImages from our Afro Vintage Photo Shoot

Model: Jenae Elise (@trippynae)

Stylist/Concept: Alysia Katrice (@rockchicvintage_style)

MUA: Frances Edison (@blushedambition)