Working the Same Dress

April 24, 2017

Over the weekend, I photographed a personal project that I've worked on for the last month.  The concept was three models, and they were all wearing the same dress, but in different colors.  We shot at South Mountain in Phoenix, AZ.  I can only share one image of each model because I am submitting for publication.


African American Models in the same dressThree of the SameThree models wearing the same dress, but in different colors.

Model in blue dress: Keylne Noel.  HMUA - Toy Skelton

Model in red dress: Joy Kendrick.  MUA - Toy Skelton. Hair - Vela Davis

Model in black dress: Lauren White.  HMUA - Toy Skelton

Concept and Styling - Tina Strickland

Dresses  and Necklaces - Amazon

Bangles - Walmart


On Sunday, I participated in a Spring Challenge with the Arizona Creative Professionals.  Teams were to be created when everyone arrived on site.  Well, only two models attended.  We made the best of it anyway.  

TinaMStrickland_Purrvesia_SpringTheme-3She wore a flower in her hairHollywood Glamour

Model and HMUA - Purrvesia Riot

Dress: Purrvesia Riot