The Color Purple - A Challenge

April 11, 2017

I belong to a local creative group, Arizona Creative Professionals, that consists of photographers, models, stylists, and make-up artists.  We have monthly challenges, and last month it was a color challenge.  We had to form teams consisting of a photographer, model(s), MUAs, and a stylist.  Each time was assigned a color, but the catch was that it wasn't assigned until a week before the challenge.  Our color was purple which happens to be one of my favorite colors.  One of the models, Naja Enjone, was the brainchild behind the styling and the hair.  Fashions were provided by Trampolina Fashions in Tempe, AZ.  

Naja has the long red hair.  Kelyne has the short dark red hair, and Daetriel's hair is the curly.  The images were not out my wheelhouse, but you have to try new things in order to grow.