Little Old Me

February 19, 2017

Today, I had a maternity scheduled for the desert.  However, it's been rainy and cold for the last 24 hours. The conditions weren't ideal to go traipsing through the desert.  We're going to reschedule the session, but I still had the desire to photograph someone.  

While I was sitting at my desk, the light coming through the window in my office,west-facing, was beautiful.  I set-up my camera, and completed this image.  The light was all ambient, and I didn't use any off camera flash.

_DSC0849-EditSelf-portraitIt's just me

The next two images were taken in my living room next to the east-facing wall, and the ambient light was beautiful.  I set-up a white piece of foam to my left to bounce some light on the left side of my face.  Again, I didn't use any off camera flash.


_DSC0881-EditSelf PortraitIt's little old me _DSC0881-EditSelf PortraitIt's little old me