Insomnia Challenge

February 06, 2017

In the wee hours of Sunday morning, I participated in an Insomnia Photo Shoot Challenge sponsored by one of the local photography groups, AZ Creative Professionals, that I belong to.  I've been a member for over a year, and the group has pushed me creatively.  The challenge was to create a team before arriving onsite at the Unexpected Gallery in Phoenix, or you formed a team onsite.  I did a little bit of both.  I put together a team with a model that I've owned with previously, and I photographed two other women at the spur of the moment.  The goal of the challenge was to shoot, select your favorite image as a team, edit it, and post it before 9:00am.  I climbed into bed at 7:00am after being up for 24 hours.

Danielle Esplanade and I made plans to work together.  I wanted a 1930s or Great Gatsby feel for the image because there's a speakeasy at the Gallery.  She provided the dress and pearls while I brought the gloves and hair ornament. Our first images were shot in the speakeasy, and then we took the shoot outside.  This is the image that we selected for the challenge.

VintageGreat Gatsby or Hello, Ms. CrawfordInsomnia Photo Challenge

Before I photographed Danielle, I worked with one of the MUAs present at the challenge.  Her name is Sarah.  I brought some outfits to the challenge in case I had the opportunity to work with other models, and Sarah fit this multi-colored shift perfectly.  I saw this Hello Kitty statue, and decided to use it in the photo shoot.  Here's the image that I selected for the challenge.

Insomnia Photo ChallengeKitty and friend

My last shoot of the day was with Kalliope.  She's a Burlesque dancer, and very graceful.  We shot in the main portion of the gallery.  She performed part of her routine, and I photographed her.  I had several favorites from this shoot, but this is the one that I submitted for the challenge.

_DSC0385-EditInsomnia ChallengeLady in Blue - Burlesque Dancer