Plot Twist

November 04, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

A couple of weeks ago, a model, Joy,  who I've previously worked with contacted me about a concept that she had for a photo shoot.  She asked if I would be her photographer for the session.  I told her "sure".  She sat for me twice within the last year, and our last session together was printed twice in two different national publications.  She wanted to shoot with a male model, Kingston, and the theme was "King and Queen". We made arrangements to meet in downtown Chandler for the session on November 3.  Well, it rained the afternoon of the shoot, and continued into the night.  This affected the plan to shoot, but when things don't work out, I yell "plot twist"!  We moved the photo shoot into the parking garage, and we had a great time.  I've culled the images, but I've only edited two.  Joy's make-up was flawless, and was the work of Renalda Bly, and Vela Davis was the mastermind behind Joy's hairstyle.

DSC_4018-EditKing and QueenNight shoot in Chandler, Az DSC_4018-EditKing and QueenNight shoot in Chandler, Az


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