Wonderful Gift

May 15, 2017

Yesterday was Mother's Day, and I had one of the best Mother's Day in my life!  We have adult children so sleeping in is a given for me.  I woke up, and relaxed in bed while watching "Howard the Duck".  It's a campy movie, but a guilty pleasure for me.  Once the movie was over, I got dressed, went into my office, and began editing images from one of the my sessions.  I watched movies all day.  For dinner, I told my husband that I wanted his pulled pork for dinner.  We don't go out to eat for Mother's Day because the restaurants can be SO crowded.  My daughter and her fiancé came over for dinner, and our son came home as well.  We ate, watched television, and Facetimed my mother.  We also called my mother-in-law.  After dinner, I told him family that I wanted a family portrait, and they obliged me.  Normally, they scatter when I start putting up my lights.  This was our first official family portrait with our future son-in-law.  It isn't formal, but I love it.  This will definitely be printed and framed.

The two standing next to me our are children.  My husband is in the yellow polo, and our future son-in-law is in red.

TinaStrickland_MothersDay_FamilyPortrait-1Mother's Day PortraitOur first official family portrait

Afro Vintage

May 05, 2017

In December, I had the honor of working with three very talented women.  Their names are Jenae Elise, Alysia Katrice, and Frances Edison.  Alysia, a local stylist, and I had tried to work together in the past, but our schedules never meshed.  Finally, we were able to make it happen in December.  She knew the perfect model and make-up artist.  We schedule time together for a weekend in December, and shoot for about 2.5 hours.  I always shoot with publication in mind, and this session was destined to be published.  When I first shopped the images, three different magazines were interested.  I had to turn down two of them.  When the issue for the first magazine came out, our images weren't in the mag.  I was shocked.  When I contacted the magazine, they never responded.  I went back to one of the second magazines, and they were very interested.  However, they never sent me the link to send the high resolution images.  Good grief!  Would these images ever get printed.  I wasn't going to allow this to deter me, and the work that we put into these images had to be seen.  

I finally found a magazine, beau NU.  The work in prior issues was amazing, and I wanted our work in this magazine.  I sent the images in, and about a week later received notification that our submission was accepted.  The May issue came out on Wednesday.  Not only were our images printed, but we received an inside cover as well as a seven page spread!  I felt so blessed!  I can see the improvement in my work, and the long hours are paying off.


Photo shoot in Phoenix, AZAfro VintageImages from our Afro Vintage Photo Shoot Photo shoot in Phoenix, AZAfro VintageImages from our Afro Vintage Photo Shoot

Model: Jenae Elise (@trippynae)

Stylist/Concept: Alysia Katrice (@rockchicvintage_style)

MUA: Frances Edison (@blushedambition)

Maternity Spokes Model

May 01, 2017

I started a model search for a maternity spokes model.  The idea was to photograph an expectant mom for a maternity, Fresh 48, and Newborn Lifestyle sessions.  In return, the mom would receive an album with selected images from each session.  I met my first model last month, and we planned to complete her maternity session this month.  Our session was this weekend, and we had a blast.  I photographed her in three different dresses in a local riparian.  I could not be more pleased with her gallery.  I was able to edit a few images the same day, and share them with her.  She loved them!  Here are some images from her session.


TinaStrickland_Tula_Maternity-3TinaStrickland_Tula_Maternity-3Maternity Spokes Model Mother and sonTinaStrickland_Tula_Maternity-3Maternity Spokes Model

No Looking Back

April 25, 2017

Yesterday, I was catching up on Facebook when I saw a post by a model that I've worked with in the past.  She was in the hospital getting ready to have her baby.  We had discussed my capturing the birth, if possible, and it was all working out perfectly.  They induced her so I rushed to the hospital to make sure that I arrived in time.  You never know how fast labor can progress naturally, but when you add pitocin, labor can be significantly increased!

Well, it was a waiting game once I arrived, but the conversation was lighthearted.  Several of Michelle's friends arrived, and we had a good time laughing.  Her labor began to intensify about 7:30pm, and we knew that little Camille was going to arrive very soon.  Can I tell you that I cried?  I have never been in a labor room where I wasn't the  one giving birth.  It was the most beautiful event that I've witnessed.  The support that Michelle was receiving from her friends was matched by that of the hospital staff.  Little Camille made her entrance into the world at 8:40pm weighing 6 lbs and 5 oz.  I am officially hooked on birth photography.


Birth photographyLittle Camille's Entrance into the worldThe miracle of life

Working the Same Dress

April 24, 2017

Over the weekend, I photographed a personal project that I've worked on for the last month.  The concept was three models, and they were all wearing the same dress, but in different colors.  We shot at South Mountain in Phoenix, AZ.  I can only share one image of each model because I am submitting for publication.


African American Models in the same dressThree of the SameThree models wearing the same dress, but in different colors.

Model in blue dress: Keylne Noel.  HMUA - Toy Skelton

Model in red dress: Joy Kendrick.  MUA - Toy Skelton. Hair - Vela Davis

Model in black dress: Lauren White.  HMUA - Toy Skelton

Concept and Styling - Tina Strickland

Dresses  and Necklaces - Amazon

Bangles - Walmart


On Sunday, I participated in a Spring Challenge with the Arizona Creative Professionals.  Teams were to be created when everyone arrived on site.  Well, only two models attended.  We made the best of it anyway.  

TinaMStrickland_Purrvesia_SpringTheme-3She wore a flower in her hairHollywood Glamour

Model and HMUA - Purrvesia Riot

Dress: Purrvesia Riot